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“The constant evolution of a value over the years” The company was founded in 24.11.1959 as a Supply and Consumer Association from the Furniture makers of Pieria Perfecture with the purpose of supplying timber, industrial timber and furniture fittings.


Site purchase of 9.000 sq.m. at the 1km Old National Road Katerini-Thessaloniki.


The construction of the main building, 3000 sq. m., is completed. The company is now settled and ready for the…….


Purchase of an additional site next to the existing one.


The construction of the first factory, 1.250 sq.m., for door production and panel processing is completed.


The Co-operative is transformed into an Industrial and Commercial SA (Société Anonyme). The former members of the Co-operative remain the main shareholders of the company. It is now also possible for private investors to become shareholders. The share capital consists of 115.489 registered shares with 30€ nominal value for each one. 4.839.516€ is the totally equity. The rapid increase of the Share Capital and the inclusion in the Development Law 3299/2004 led to an investment plan of 2.500.000€.


Purchase of an additional site, 11.168 sq.m.


An investment proposal is approved and the construction of the plant, 3.500 sq.m., begins. The whole process is completed in 2008, with the installation of industrial machinery for the processing of melamine surfaces and the production of kitchen, wardrobe, and doors.


The conversion of the main building from a classic furniture materials store to a Modern Technical Department Store (3.000 sq.m. & more) begins with the trademark “SPITI MAS” signaling the shift in the distribution to a wide range of consumer goods.

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